Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alien isn't eating.  This is the third day he cannot eat because he needs $200 to have most of his teeth taken out and to combat a horrible infection he has.  I wish I had the funds to let him have this surgery done at the vet but I do not. :(   It is very hard to see this beautiful kitty suffer......over $200.   It is hurting me that I don't have it.   Of all the times to be completely broke...:(

Today he was given a B-12 shot, an IV with fluids and an antibiotic, in the hopes that it will stimulate him to eat but he  can't eat.  I even used my juicer to make his food liquid....not working because it gets in the sores..
Here is our Paypal link for Alien's teeth:

Please help this sweet beautiful kitty.  If everyone gave $5 or$10, we would have enough to give this kitty every chance and let him survive.   He will not be alive very,very soon.....he isn't eating!

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It's Meow or Never Animal Rescue & Sanctuary said...

Rhonda has donated very generously for Alien.